Getting the most out of your videos takes planning, strategy, creativity, and a meaningful way to measure success. This is why we developed the 6 Video Buckets below. They will help you choose a primary goal for your video which will help us help you achieve that goal. And when great videos achieve specific goals, volcanoes erupt, fireworks explode, and everyone involved is delighted!

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness videos are specifically created to increase brand affinity, generate positive word-of-mouth, grab attention, and communicate a likeable essence.


Masimo | One
Epson | Pulsense Brand

Social Engagement

Social Engagement videos are most often created to get and grow followers on your social channels, keep your brand top of mind, stay connected with existing customers, produce “moments” that lead to deeper brand relationships, and “organically” reach new prospects with shareable content.


TurboTax | Social Video Campaign 2017
TurboTax | Social Video Campaign 2016

Lead Generation

Lead Generation videos are generally created to move prospects toward a specific end goal, while increasing not only the number of leads, but the quality of leads.


Adobe | CMO.com
pHuel | Product

Sales Growth

Sales Growth videos are typically created to shorten sales cycles, provide indispensable resources for your sales team, and directly increase sales for a specific product or service.


AGC | Mountain Gate
Experian | Right Choice

Customer Delight

Customer Delight videos are usually created to keep current customers happy, loyal, engaged, and positively talking about your brand.


CSG | e-Score
Google | Keyless Keyboard

Training & Education

Training and Education Videos are created to build internal trust, keep employees satisfied and informed, and ensure consistent and efficient company-wide communication.


California Pizza Kitchen | Benefits
Lenovo | First Look

Achieve your goals with great videos.