Intuit TurboTax

Social Video Campaign

TurboTax Gets Social.

As long-time fans of Intuit, we were thrilled when they asked us to create short (I mean, really short) videos for their TurboTax social campaign. After working with them over the last few years on product videos, we knew this was going to be a little different. Not only was it important to keep their brand messaging in tact, but these videos could only be be fifteen seconds (instead of the typical :60 – :90 product videos), and they needed to quickly connect some fun and familiar emotions to the TurboTax brand.

After some long hours (and hilarious conversations) we developed sixteen, fifteen second spots that not only are exceeding the business goals of the campaign, but bring a smile to our faces every time we watch them.



Social Format

Since we believe that the best companies succeed because they shine in each stage of the customer lifecycle, we worked hard to make sure these videos excelled in the social arenas where lots of TurboTax’s existing and potentially new customers hang out. This meant that the videos not only needed to catch their attention, but they had to be shot in just the right way where they could play across multiple platforms and devices.






When Trust is High,
There’s More Freedom to Create.

Building trust with brands takes time, hard work and consistency. Once that trust is earned, however, you are often granted the freedom to create at a whole other level. This was the case with TurboTax and their 2016 Social Video Campaign. And once we got the “go ahead” we were stoked! All we had to do was come up with great ideas, write compelling scripts, and produce 16 videos that achieved the goals that were set.

So that’s what we did.

This wasn’t the only TurboTax project we worked on this year.

In addition to the social-facing videos, we created a series of product walkthrough animations. These might not look like much, but they’ve been a valuable asset for TurboTax in demonstrating various parts of their product.

The Reward

You know it’s a great project when the client gives you cupcakes.

Get superior results for your social content.