Lifestyle Campaign

Healthy pets. Happy owners. Petnet brings convenience to hectic and on-the-go lifestyles. Knowing your pet is taken care of is a wonderful feeling.

PetNet was a startup in the early rounds of funding. When they approached us to help them secure the final rounds of funding with their investors, they presented the challenge of appealing not only to their heads, but also their hearts. The first video had a dual purpose: reveal the confidence and the vision of the brand’s ability to be monetized, and showcase the product demonstrating how it can benefit pet owners and pets.

The primary goal was to create a scalable campaign that would appeal to and secure investors. Once the campaign was funded, we needed to make sure the video could be easily and immediately repurposed so the consumer would “catch the vision”.

We started with a live-action video that would allow the founding members to speak directly to the investors, as if they were “in the room with them”. This would allow the team to deliver a consistent message day in and day out, all over the world.

After they had digitally “met”, a follow-up video was sent explaining the product’s value proposition. Since the product was still in the design phase, the video needed to be executed in a way that would allow us to easily update design assets, without having to rebrand. We decided to animate this video, which enabled us to have the flexibility to alter and enhance it if need be. It also enabled us to demonstrate the product’s software, even though it had not yet been created.

With the value clearly demonstrated through the animation video, the product started being sold as a “beta” on amazon- ultimately selling out, and beginning the process of gaining market share and attention.

In light of the attention gained from the beta launch, it was time to focus more on the lifestyle elements of the PetNet brand. After being “picked up” by some big box retailers, it was time to show the value to the consumer. The strategy was to show a day-in-the-life of the pet owner and how the product benefits them and their pet. The product was now at a point where we were able to capture it and its UI in an authentic real-life setting, while still leveraging the previous animations to demostrate how the product worked. This approach allowed the consumer to place themselves in the role of a pet owner, and not only see the practical aspects of the PetNet product, but also the lifestyle that it provides.


Today, PetNet is one of the leaders in Automated pet feeding, and has launched a platform for other ways to monetize the data. Their promise to investors was fulfilled, and the consumers are excited and satisfied. PetNet is still leveraging all videos as a part of their strategy to date.

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