4 Ways to Have a Better Lunch Break

There you are. Just got back from lunch and you’re looking for either a nap or another cup of coffee (whichever comes first). Too often we settle back into our work routine after lunch and we question why we are groggy, unrested, and unmotivated. Here are 4 simple things you can do to have a better lunch break.


Lunch is a chance for you to refuel your body. Too often lunch is some massive 2,000 calorie combo meal from a burger place or nothing at all. Eat something that is good for you, that tastes good, and that will set up the rest of your day. Whether you bring your lunch or go out to eat, don’t underestimate the food that you are eating. Choco Chocolatey chocolate blizzard blitz malt? You can probably skip it.
Top Ramen? How about you eat an apple! Do some research and try new places that are near your office and get a lunch crew together. You never know what you might find that is close to your office!


Did you know that 29% of employees work during their lunch break? I’m all for the occasional working during lunch, or staying late to finish a project but those should be exceptions. Evaluate yourself this week and see if you are disconnecting or if you’re still working during lunch. Get away from your desk! Leave the phone behind if you can. The emails will be there when you get back, but you need to take a break so you can work hard when you get back! Let your lunchtime conversations be fueled by the people you spend it with instead of by what is on your phone.


Most of us have at least half an hour to take our lunch. Be strategic about what you do during your lunch. Here are somethings that our team does at lunch that they find refueling or just need to get done!
Bocce Ball
Corn hole
Hackey Sack
Meditate or Pray
Workout (#Strength)
Watch Once Upon a Time on netflix (Shell)
No matter what you do, plan to do something. Take sometime to yourself, or catch up and have a meaningful conversation with a coworker.


10 mins left in your lunch break, put your work hat back on! It’s time to wind down and to get back to work. You have had a chance to take a break and now you are ready to get back to those emails and to finish the day right. Give yourself a pep talk and make sure that you know that it is time to work!

Do you want to be the best employee possible? I bet you do and I bet your boss wants you to be the best too. 

Casey Williams