Working Together: Three Ways a Team Helps You Win

In case you didn’t hear, they won. From breaking the curse, to winning the world series, the Cubs were a great example of what it takes to win as a team this season. Often in our personal and work lives, we leave the teamwork to the athletes. We prefer to be the lone wolf instead of the team player. We think we can figure it out on our own, when in fact we should be using the benefits of being on a team to succeed in our workplace. So, here they are, the three ways a team helps you win!


The first benefit of working on a team or working with others is that when you mess up, there is someone there to catch the ball. Obviously measuring twice is something you should be doing in your life, but when working with others, your mistakes are less likely to make it through to the end. Not only will this help you if you make the error, but looking for errors or mistakes can only benefit your team. Always be double checking, always be looking out for each other, and if you mess up, it’s ok – you’re on a team!


Kill the dragon, get the princess. Its pretty clear. But where would Shrek be without Donkey? When it comes to managing a client, pitching your idea, or getting approval, it can seem like no one is in your corner. Working on a team means that you have backup. You can have confidence in whatever dragon you are about to face because you aren’t in it alone.

Just imagine if only the pitcher went out for the Cubs. Ya, they are allowed to have nine on the field but man their pitcher is good. It doesn’t matter how good he is, he can’t do the work of a full team on his own and he shouldn’t be expected to. Make sure that at your work you aren’t carrying the full load, but utilizing your team to the fullest potential, and not telling them to keep the bench warm.


Sorry, but it’s true. And hey, someone is smarter than me too! This is just to say, “Two heads are better than one”. Whether you are on a team at work, or working with others on a life project, collaboration can save a sinking ship. When you hit an impasse that you just can’t seem to get around, having a team of people there is important. They can help you see the problem differently or see a solution you missed. Collaborating on a project with other people will help you get to the best solution, quicker.

That is exactly what happened with our team when we were working on a project and trying to figure out what would make the video really stand out. One of our team members made a “what if joke”, and it ended up being the foundation and ultimate solution of the video. Check out the behind the scenes here and see how it all worked out.


There might be situations in life where you work by yourself, and that is just the way it is, but when you are on a team you should lean into it. Take this blog for example. Ya, I am “the author”, but I had the help of mutlitple people on my team (Michelle) along the way. Don’t leave teamwork to the athletes, it’s what makes the dream work!

Casey Williams