Our Process

The Purpose Statement at VeracityColab is to Love & Help People. What we do here is not about us, it's about you and your success. And when it comes to video, the most tangible way we can help you is to provide great videos with real measurable results.

Videos are expensive, but we consider them an investment. Good investments pay off. But how do you measure video performance? At VeracityColab, we do it by adhering to a strategically proactive process that takes discipline. We collaborate with our clients to establish the right goals and then measure them. Most Video Agencies only deliver the final video files, but here at VeracityColab, we deliver results.



We start with a Discovery Process in which we learn vital company and project information. It’s important that we understand your business's unique value proposition. Perhaps you are selling a product or service that is unique to the market. We then move into your current marketing strategy. How are you currently running your marketing campaigns? How are you measuring success? What is most effective and how do you like to work? Who is your target persona? The information we’re seeking depends on your size, your business type (B2B, B2C, NFP), and your overall business objectives. We serve as an extension to your marketing team.

Then we dive into your specific video project, seeking to discover the main video objective. Our mission is to develop the Main Key Performance Indicator (KPI). It’s important to get specific with what we’ll measure. The Main KPI must be in context to the project’s ultimate objective, aligning with your overall marketing strategy and existing campaigns.

Our team then delivers a Research Brief containing the Main KPI along with our plan on how to measure the quantitative information after the deployment of the video(s). The brief includes our complete plan, along with any Secondary KPI’s and technology recommendations.


During the Discovery Process, our Creative Director is simultaneously working to develop a smart and relevant concept for your video(s). Our creative team doesn’t stop until each video is aligned with our Creative Recipe:

  • Make It Clear

  • Make It Relate

  • Make It Right

  • Add Magic

The Creative Director on your project will work with their team to develop a Creative Brief, which contains a video concept that aligns with your overall marketing and business objectives.

Now that you’ve got VeracityColab’s “head” and the “heart” aligned with your project, it’s time to produce your video(s) with the best team of writers, designers, animators, cinematographers, directors, editors, composers, and sound engineers in the country.


Once your video is completed, it’s time to deploy and measure the Main KPI. By now, we’ve developed a very specific plan with your team to measure the video's performance across social channels, websites, and landing pages. After your video has been deployed “into the wild” we’ll deliver a report to discuss with your team, sharing insights gathered that are relevant to the Main KPI of each video.

In summary, we’ll guide you to video success through our intentional process. You’ll become the video hero, delivering better insights to the executive team, opening up more budget for future video projects. You will experience the truth that VeracityColab’s process is the key to understanding the return of your video investment (ROVI).