BlackLine | Account Reconciliations

BlackLine makes accounting software… which might not sound exciting, but when you consider all the time and physical, paper-bound processes it eliminates, it becomes clear just how revolutionary such software can be.

The Challenge

BlackLine wanted to show how their software affects people at multiple roles in an organization, from the staff accountant to a CFO and everyone in between. It was important for this to be a visual transition, so viewers could quickly see the pain points that BlackLine removes. Lastly, they also wanted to continue with the style we had defined in our previous videos for them, using a white stage as the backdrop for small office vignettes.

The Approach

To communicate the various roles within a business, we had to first establish the distance and difference between each person. We did this by setting up three desks, each standing alone as their own world, with their own messy and overwhelming stack of work. When the story “zooms out” to talk about the whole organization, we chose to bring those worlds together by transitioning to a single, oversize desk with some slight of hand. This brought everything into one simple view, and set us up to show the collaboration that BlackLine affords. Finally, we used a fake stop motion process to make their clutter appear, and eventually disappear, which added to the magic.

We also created two shorter versions that BlackLine could use on social media, packing the story into one 30 second and one 15 second cut.