Eventbrite | 2019 Pulse Report Ads

Eventbrite partners with VeracityColab to make engaging social animations.

Eventbrite is a fully customizable event planning platform with intuitive tools that help save time and increase event sales. It helps users easily create events and sell tickets online through fully customizable event pages.

The Challenge:

Eventbrite came to us to help them produce 4 social videos that tease out industry trend information found in their 2019 Pulse Report. They needed a quick way to share the insights that were visually engaging and drew people to their website to read the full reports.

The Key Persuasion: After event creators watch this video, we want them to read the 2019 Pulse Report and consider Eventbrite as the leader in the event industry.

The Approach:

Taking the insight Eventbrite had gathered, we narrowed in on the key stats and scripted around them to make the value of information they were offering concise and clear. Eventbrite has built out a great visual construct that we were able to pull from for each video so it fit right into their brand. Each video was created with one liners and call to actions that would intrigue the viewer to learn more, ultimately serving the key persuasion.

Once the standard square version of the videos were set, we created them in two different aspect ratios to be utilized across multiple social channels.

The Results:

The client was very happy with the end product and the videos are currently being put into social rotation!