Intuit | Day in the Life

The Challenge

Intuit is a company that is constantly innovating and revolutionizing the online tax world. As they strive to serve their customers, they also strive to bring experts into the mix to be a part of the new way of doing taxes. For this particular video, the Intuit team came to us with a need for a training video that gave tax experts a view into a day in the life of coming onboard to work with TurboTax Live. This video is sent to potential tax experts during the on-boarding process to help educate and encourage them so that they feel confident working for TurboTax Live, and have a clear view of their potential for flexibility and, most importantly, how they can use their skills to continually help others. 


The Approach

While brainstorming the best way to approach this piece, one thing we kept coming back to was how to depict an evergreen environment that allowed for quite a bit of messaging, while also conveying that you could work from your office, or your home office. We decided that shooting in a studio would allow us to have minimal production design nodding to a home office, while also driving the piece through text on screen to communicate a clear step by step walk through of an expert's day. Lucky for us, Intuit provided a real TurboTax Live Expert to be our talent and show us what it's really like to be on the TurboTax Live team. 



The video turned out beautiful. I love how it’s clean and simple, but still communicates our vision. It looks great on mobile too!
— Christine Vorac | Engagement Leader, Intuit