Intuit TurboTax | Social Video Campaign 2017


TurboTax makes filing your taxes easy. We’re talking really easy. However, it was no easy task to create 10 videos a month across four social platforms – but our team was up for the challenge. Ideation, approval, producing, production, editing and revisions were all done in a strategic and timely way (sometimes in a matter of days). TurboTax wanted us to focus on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as their main platforms for where this content would live.

Different video series had different objectives to satisfy our client and the video goals. Some series drove people to the blog and had an educational focus, while others were created with the larger brand campaign in mind. We executed these videos through a variety of live action footage, motion design, stop-motion, and GIFs.


The goal for the “Just Tap” series was to communicate that filing taxes with TurboTax is easy, and even somehow familiar. We pulled inspiration from familar taps to convey that simple and fun message. In the end, they generated all the likes, follows, comments and shares they were created to. #JustTap


The call to action was for future customers to break up with their tax store and start filing with TurboTax, and our team had a blast creating various ways to communicate this message (some pulled from personal experience). A series of text message break up conversations between a customer and their “Tax Store Guy” were shown to encourage customers to do the same. These videos received record views and engagement on TurboTax’s FB page using organic reach only. We also filmed a live action video of a customer calling it quits.


Our team wanted to create a tagline that was as simple and memorable as your filing experience. We landed on the idea of a series of videos that scroll up a chaotic scene to reveal an individual filing their taxes despite their absurd situation. We wanted to dream big and show that with the ease and mobility of TurboTax you can truly file anytime, anywhere regardless of life’s chaos.