Masimo | “A Friendly Match” - Tommy Haas & Taylor Fritz

Masimo is the creator of MightySat – a fingertip pulse oximeter that measures your oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index, and pleth variability index so that athletes can discover what they’re body is telling them, and push themselves to perform at their peak potential.

The Challenge

Since the last three MightySat ads we created were high-intensity and serious in nature, Masimo requested we make this next ad more light-hearted and comical. Oh, and since the availability of certain talent was limited, we needed to concept, write, and shoot this in 10 days.

The Approach

Oftentimes, comedy is found in two very contrasting characters found on the same stage. In this case, the contrast was between that of a young, upcoming pro, and an older, retired pro. The question we wanted our audience to ask was, “Does Tommy have what it takes?” Enjoy.

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