Masimo | "Olympic Success" / Dotsie Bausch

Masimo is the creator of MightySat – a fingertip pulse oximeter that measures your oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index, and pleth variability index so that athletes can discover what they’re body is telling them, and push themselves to perform at their peak potential.


The Challenge

This was our first MightySat National TV spot for Masimo. They came to us because they wanted something exciting that captured the Olympic spirit, as the spot would play during the televised Olympics.



We knew MightySat was sponsoring Dotsie Bausch and we chose to focus on what it takes for Olympic success. One we knew the angle, we needed to communicate the intensity of such a day and the role that the MightySat plays in the training of an elite athlete.


The Results

This video worked to raise band recognition and create a massive increase in website visits for the MightySat product.

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