About Us

Our Vision is to be the most trusted video agency by great brands. We love that vision because it can only be accomplished through selfless service, consistent quality, and great results. Founded in 2008, we established a culture of service, that has been strengthened over a decade by strong core values. We’ve decided to put them here, to be transparent about how we hold our team accountable day-to-day.


Core Values



In Colorado, both buffalos and cows roam the same fields. When a storm comes over the Rockies the cows run away from the storm, causing them to endure the bad weather for a longer period of time... Buffalos are different. They run toward the storm! Although the bad weather comes quicker, it’s over much faster and they endure it for the shortest amount of time possible. At VeracityColab we know that honest, truthful confrontation is a key to growing great relationships and a strong business. We all commit to charging our “daily storms” like a Buffalo, holding each other accountable and helping to eliminate gossip and bitterness.



What we do for a living is hard work. It’s taxing on both the mind and the body at times. It can be a high-stress environment with a lot on the line for our team and our clients. That’s why it’s so important to find time to “unwind” and rest. We suggest finding a time where you “unplug” from your devices and social media as well. We also suggest that this is planned. Rest won’t just “find you” but rather you need to be disciplined and find it.  When you properly rest it produces fuel to do more than you ever imagined – both in your life outside of work, and while you’re at work.



Integrity is important. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it. It’s that simple… and it’s true no matter how big or small the commitment.



This is something we should all strive to do regardless of where we are or what we’re doing. This is true at a company, individual or client level. Everyone wins when you live by this principle. It is truly better to give than to receive. So when you deposit more than you withdraw, the recipient is receiving much while you receive the blessing of giving.



It’s so easy to stop short of something extraordinary because of fear. So, the next time you’re weighing out a decision and you’re counting all the votes, just make sure “fear” doesn’t get one.



Simple yet profound. It only takes a few seconds to double-check your work. But that one simple act can save a reputation, serve those you’re working with or even bless a client. Better yet, when you deliver a consistent quality that has been double or triple-checked, it builds trust that lasts a lifetime. P.S. This also applies to what one says e.g., think twice before you speak.



There’s no way around it. Honest, hard work just works; and there aren’t many ways around that.  Now, of course, we want to “work smart” for sure, but when you work smart AND work hard you set new standards for yourselves and for your company. If you’re not a hard worker you won’t last long in our culture.

About You

You’re a marketer, a creative, a designer, or a brand expert who loves to produce quality content for the great brand that you serve. You have an excellent understanding of design, and you know what works in the real world. You love nice things…things that aren’t necessarily cheap, but things that definitely work. They have to work. They have to justify the investment.

You’re moving a lot of pieces around to bring home a win for your team. And you work hard at it. You want a video partner who will work just as hard as you do. Better yet, you want a partner who can lead strong, delivering a winning strategy every time.

The most important thing to know about us, is that we were built for you. From day one, over ten years ago, we grew this agency to love and help folks just like you.

We’ll leave you with this…we consider ourselves a guide to your video success. You are the hero of this story and your success is our “why.”