3 Ways to Use a Drone in Your Video

Drones drones drones. We have all seen them and probably know someone who flies one. But are they worth it? Should you let that production team you just hired use their drone to get some “sick shots” for your video? Drones can be a huge tool to a video team, but they can also be a waste of your video budget and not accomplish your business goals. Here are 3 ways to use a drone in your next company video.


One reason to use a drone is for the reveal. There is nothing that can captivate the attention of your audience like a great video trick or illusion. Drones do just that in giving your audience a new perspective that they arent used to or have never seen before.

In this New Balance video introducing their new skate team the video team used a drone perfectly. Up until 2:25 it is a pretty average skate video (shot really well though), and then they utilized a drone to hook their viewers. This use of a drone here helps enforce the video’s main point and keeps the audience’s retention through the entire video.

New Balance | Sunland

We did something very similar here at the end of our video we shot for Ebay. A simple drone at the end of this video gave you a grand view of their building and made for a wonderful transition into their logo. Simple and not overcomplicating things can be the best way to use a drone sometimes.

Ebay | Culture End Scene


For more insights, head over to our firends over at Wistia and read their blog post, 4 Ways to Use a Drone to Enhance Your Business Video.


How do you sell someone on something that they can’t see? Or at least can’t fully appreciate. Having a drone can overcome this common video production obstacle. This is something that we often see with golf courses and other recreational facilities. Unless you have the budget to rent a helicopter for the day(s), showing the beauty and complexity of your golf course is very difficult to get across to your customers. By using a drone to capture amazing aerial video, we were able to help this golf course show and communicate it’s value to the right audience, in a way that they would appreciate.

AGC | Wood Ranch


If the creative direction of your video is done right, a drone might be your main camera in the video. Remember, it all should be focused around acomplishing the goal of your video. OK GO did a great job here with their viral video because they thought outside of the box. Obviously they grabbed inspiration from many things, but they utilized a drone to do something never done before, especially for a music video.

OK Go | I Wont Let You Down

Also check out their behind the scenes and our blog “The 10 Secrets to a Successful Live-Action Video Shoot” to see how much goes into a video!


Whether you’re a small businesses, or a large Google Goliath, drones are a great tool if used right. They can highlight unique aspects of your company or team for internal videos, or be the neat creative trick that gets people to watch your video. So what is the take away of this? Use a drone if it helps the goal of the video, and think outside the box!

Casey Williams