Do it Better: 3 Customer Service Tips

We’ve all been there. You’ve just been seated at the restaurant you’ve been dying to try, yet after 15 minutes, your expectations are waning – and fast. There’s a tangible lack of acknowledgment, surrounding tables seem buzzing with server activity, and you optimistically mumble that they’re “probably just getting their sea legs”.

After a few more observational moments, hope begins to fade and you’ll eventually come to terms with the truth – another business has fallen prey to the “another day, another time” mentality; crippling their opportunity for greatness and passing over the one customer who just might take them to the next level (stellar Yelp reviews, anyone)?

The full science of great customer service would take a novel to complete – but today, we’re diving into 3 points to keep top of mind when corresponding with clients and the often overlooked chance to partner with them for success.


Like the earlier restaurant scenario, no one wants to believe they’re being ignored. Responding to client pings early on, and frequently, safeguards last minute check-in’s and eases the minds of those working against tight deadlines (‘cause aren’t we all)? This isn’t to say you need to be available 24/7 – but rather be mindful of how soon your reply gets across throughout the business day. You might not have an answer to provide just yet, but offer the peace of mind that there’s no stagnancy in sight. A simple “Thank you for your email! We’re working toward a solution!” goes a long way.

Do it better: Proactively update your clients as you work, instead of waiting for them to reach out to you.


Back to the restaurant scenario: What if a food runner came up to take your drink order? The hostess returned to check on how you liked your table? The manager popped by with a little appetizer on-the-house to welcome you as a first time diner? While we at VeracityColab like to emphasize communication through one person throughout a project experience, getting your team involved can not only help you out, but provide a wealth of knowledge (directly from the experts themselves)! When possible, involve key members from your team to communicate ideas or help problem solve – just remember to take the lead and always be the “point person” to keep details crystal clear.

Do it better: Encourage your client to work the same way – assigning one point person, yet involving key decision-makers when efficiencies are needed.


The more you can prepare your client for the steps ahead, the sooner you can lay out expectations. Everyone benefits from detailed discussions early on, and these save time, resources, and even frustrations down the line. In our restaurant scenario, an observant server or manager could have easily detected that their new guests may be less-than-impressed with the experience and worked toward remedying the situation swiftly and professionally. You won’t always be prepared to handle everything on the spot, but put yourself in your client’s shoes and see how you can partner to reach a resolution.

Do it better: When possible, customize your offerings to help the client win!

Casey Williams