VeracityColab Recognized as Top Video Agency by

When we received an email (and took a look at the Press Release) informing us that ranked VeracityColab the #1 Video Agency in the Nation, we were, to say the least, very happy and truly honored. It is something that took ten years to achieve! #hardworkpaysoff

Now, instead of bloviating about our great team, the great work they do, and the wonderful people they are (all of which are true), I’d like to take you back about 10 years to where it all began. Hopefully this blog encourages and challenges any “start-uppers,” “about-to-starters,” “thinking-about-starters,” or “already-theres” to think about what makes you unique, what you really want to do, and what it takes (or has taken) to get there.

A decade ago, when we were dreaming of where we hoped VeracityColab would be in ten years (as we sat in my master bedroom where our first “office” was), we knew that we could only move in the right direction if we had a Dream to follow, a Mission to unite us, and a set of Core Values and Guides to help us along the the journey. Without these “foundational tenets” so to speak, at least for us, it would be like we were on a rudderless boat wandering aimlessly upon vast and often tumultuous waters.

So, I share these hoping to inspire and encourage you as you strive to “steer your ships” with meaning and purpose.


To be the most sought after video agency by great brands and good people.

We’re in business to help companies and organizations achieve goals, break through communication barriers, and solve problems with remarkable video content. We want people to know that and we want them to choose to partner with us for life. Notice we wrote “great brands”. That’s because we want to help brands we believe in and are making a difference in the lives of others. We also wrote “good people” because life is short, and we want to work with kind, generous, fair, delightful, and collaborative souls. These two things bring joy to our team, fuel us to do our best, and keep us on our toes.


Build a great team, make great video and delight great clients.

In short, we believe this is HOW we are going to accomplish (or get closer and closer) to our dream. We hire for character and train for talent because we believe that the right people will work together to create great videos, which will ultimately delight great clients.


These seven core values have stood the test of time, and there’s not a day that goes by that someone in the office isn’t quoting one or more of them.

Charge Storms Like a Buffalo

We face conflict directly and quickly to avoid resentment and bitterness.

Rest is Fuel

We believe work is good, and that we rest to work, not work to rest.

Yes is Yes

We believe that doing what we say and saying what we do establishes trust and builds meaningful relationships.

Deposit More Than You Withdraw

We believe that the best teams, the best companies, the best “whatever” happens when people go beyond The Basic Minimums and give more than what is simply required.

Fear Doesn’t Get A Vote

We believe that courage is not only a necessary virtue for growth and accomplishment, but that it also enhances life and maintains freedom.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

We believe that it’s a fantastic gift to express through art, but that we also need to be fierce self-editors.

Hard Work Pays Off

We believe that doing our best and making the best use of our time is in itself a sweet reward, and pays both tangible and intangible dividends.

Our Other Foundational Guides


We believe character, competency, consistency and care are the main pillars of trust, and that trust makes life livable and builds the most beautiful relationships.


Whenever we work with people (or just hang out with people) we want there to be a certain “fragrance” about us, a certain “essence”. The people that make up VeracityColab all want to be thought of as Trustworthy, Delightful, Efficient, Exceptional and Passionate individuals. We not only want to be thought of that way, we want to BE that way.

All these “things” are what we talk about and hold each other accountable to every day at VeracityColab, they truly are our company’s “foundational tenets” and things we all strive for. Certainly, we’re not perfect – far from it. But we do use these to continually ground us and help remind us of the standard we hope to uphold. Our clients, our friends, our families, our communities, and our team deserve nothing less.

As a founder of VeracityColab I am extremely proud of being ranked #1 Video Agency by, but I’m even more moved and grateful for the team, friends, clients, mentors and colleagues that have helped us along the way. This achievement belongs to all of you. Thank you.

Casey Williams