We’re thrilled to get your project started! We want to make sure the next steps and key team members you’ll be working with is clear from the start. There are so many hands that go into each project but we’ve made the video below to introduce you to your Video Success Manager and Creative Director.

A snapshot of what’s ahead:

  • In short time your Video Success Manager will be reaching out to set up the Discovery Meeting. This is where we gain vital insights into your project and is led by one of our Creative Directors.

  • From there we’ll work on delivering your Creative Brief, which summarizes what we’ve heard thus far and presents the overarching concept that will accomplish your project’s Key Persuasion™.

  • Your Script will follow after we’ve received a unanimous “thumbs up” on the Creative Brief. The Scripting phase is arguably the most important phase of your project as it sets the foundation for your message. We’ll spend a significant amount of time getting this right together because everything gets built on the Script’s foundation.

Finally, we know you may not be the only stakeholder in creating this video, so please share this link with anyone on your team who will be involved in this project.

Now that you’ve met your team, let’s go make a great video that performs!

–The VeracityColab Team

Paul SlemmerKristina, Max