adidas | Tour 360 2.0

For the serious golfer, the adidas Tour360 2.0 isn’t just a shoe, it’s the gateway to a better swing, stance, putt, less bogies, and more birds.


The Challenge

“The details matter.” In a nutshell, that’s what adidas told us when they came to us in need of a video for their Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoe. Just the slightest enhancement in stability can make the difference between two strokes and three… and when you’re a serious golfer, that’s a big deal. So, it was on us to create a short ad that clearly showcased what’s different about this shoe from the previous version, and why it’s better.


The Approach

From the moment we sat down to concept, we all seemed to be thinking the same thing… this video needs to be about “the next step” in shoe evolution. So instead of simply showing the latest version of the Tour360 2.0, we felt it would be stronger to start with the old Tour360, and show each feature evolve the instant the shoe stepped onto the fairway. That way, our audience would see both what was new, and why it was better than before.




For most of our work, we start with sketched storyboards, and then move into a fully developed look & feel. For this project, the 3D nature of the work meant storyboards were best served with a pencil-sketch approach. Working in Procreate on an iPad Pro allowed us to quickly create these boards, while still having layered content we could use in our animatic. We used these storyboard frames to create a quick blocking animatic, taking care not to get caught up in the methods or framing.





The final project was animated in Cinema 4D and rendered with VRay. The tactility and appeal of these visuals needed a strong sonic pairing, so we worked with composer John Anderson to bring original music to the video. Rather than use sound design, each cut and movement was carefully considered for its musical impact. The result still feels motivated by the action but not out of place, considering the subject is a largely motionless shoe.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 7.11.08 PM.png

The Results