Adobe | Videos

You’re most likely familiar with Adobe, but if you’re not, they create software that pretty much changes the world.


The Challenge

Adobe came to us with two challenges: They needed a video that introduced their marketplace for Chief Marketing Officers in a conceptually creative, beautifully executed, and wholly informative way… and they needed it in a week.


The Approach

A ball. No, a dot. That was the original idea. But not just any dot. A moving dot in a sort of Rube Goldberg Machine. Why? Because when you’re attempting to communicate A LOT of information, you need a guide, something to follow. We knew that if we could keep our audience watching the journey of a ball, I mean a dot, then we could touch on all the great offerings that CMO DOT COM has to offer without them clicking away. Mix in a few moments of tension, delight, and beautifully minimal design, and you’ve got something going on.


The Results

After letting us know how satisfied they were with the video and how successful the video had performed, they ended up implementing some our design, and yes, the DOT into their web experience and logo. Quite the compliment.

Adobe liked the first project so much that they asked us to follow it up with a similar video describing statistics about CMOs. This time around, we brought more life and character to our friendly red dot, representing quirky facts about CMOs and their world.

The main KPI that we measured for this campaign was the engagement rate. We’re proud to report that an average viewer was likely to engage with this video for 85% of it’s length or more. It was important to keep the audience engaged the entire time so that they could comprehend the entire value proposition of Adobe CMO. Mission accomplished.


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