EPSON | Partner Portal

The Challenge:

Epson came to us to help them unveiled their updated partner portal to their customers. The new portal offered customers the ability to purchase products, receive services, and access all of the marketing assets their hearts desired. This video needed to tease the ultimate product reveal, without overpromising or overhyping - as this was just the start of their new offerings.

The Approach:

As Epson is constantly innovating and iterating, we wanted to make sure this video’s shelf life lasted as long as possible. This came into play not only for the script, but for the visuals as well. The graphics and icons were created in a way that would reflect what would actually be seen on the portal, without setting too concrete and detailed of a look. We pulled inspiration from their monthly-email visual system, so the reveal video would feel right at home in their brand assets.

The Results:

The video launched at their big partner event, and is continuing to be unvailed internationally. The client was extremely happy with the process and the final product, and the new portal is gaining excitement and traction!