Epson | Pulsense

You’ve probably heard of Epson and their work in printing and projectors. The Pulsense brand marked Epson’s entry into the new marketplace of wearables, introducing the world to Epson wearable technology that monitors and improves vitals across every lifestyle.


Epson | Pulsense Brand Video



Introduce Epson’s Pulsense wearable to an audience that only sees Epson as a printer company, while making the most out of the well-established Epson technology.



Once we realized that Pulsense was really an incredibly accurate light that measures all health metrics, we knew that it was the light itself that should guide our story. Everything fell into place from there. Using Pulsense’s light as our link between Epson’s well known brand and their new groundbreaking territory more that satisfied the Epson wearable product team.


Epson | Pulsense Product Video



Behind the Scenes

Take a look at how the VeracityColab team collaborated with EPSON to create the Pulsense campaign videos.


For this project, Epson was seeking more qualitative results than quantitative. The mission was to establish the foundation for this new wearable brand through this one video. That’s a tall order, but it was achieved. The messaging and cinematography were used to build other marketing assets immediately following the videos deployment. As a matter of fact, stills were taken from the video to use on landing pages and in some printed materials, including packaging.