Flexfit | Product Films

Flexfit is the original creator of the stretch fitted cap. Decades later, they’re still creating original technology and designs in their premium line of headwear.

The Challenge

Flexfit’s lineup of hats have a wide range of design features, and are marketed at very different target audiences. On top of that, the Flexfit products are mostly marketed to brands, which then incorporate the hats into their own clothing lines. For those reasons, we needed to create a consistent and intentional design system, but do it in a way that speaks to many different people.

The Approach

Our solution was to employ a minimalist 3D style, focusing all the attention on the hats themselves. From there, the background elements of the environment, lighting and sound were able to add subtle touches that helped each video align with its target audience. The video was animated in Cinema 4D and rendered with Arnold Render, for a highly realistic look. To back the classic, timelessness fashion statements these hats make, we felt it best to have the text statements literally etched in stone, rather than presented as graphic overlays. Our audio team created a custom score that was applied to each video, with subtle texture variations that referenced the worlds each hat would occupy.

YP Classics

Flexfit Delta

Flexfit Original

Flexfit 110

Look Development

We wanted each video to have a unique look that mirrored the essence of each hat, but those looks also needed to be consistent with each other. To solve this, we looked at different architectural forms and materials. We identified four distinct styles that could represent each hat, but all worked within a bright, monochrome palette. We then used each style to build environments for each video, exploring unique corners of each world as we explored the products. YP Classics lived in a rectangular, concrete, street-style world. Flexfit Delta took on an angular, glossy environment. Flexfit Original’s background used curving forms and and textured paint, and Flexfit 110 was surrounded by geometric, fabric panels.

The Results

These videos are staged to be shown on FlexFit’s website. Though data has yet to roll in, their team is loving them already. Their team writes, “Though we don’t have any hard statistics, the quality is fantastic. They put a lot of thought into each video, and considered everything we asked for with sensitivity. The videos are well-planned and beautifully crafted to achieve our goals.” We’d call that a success!

They are one of the best agencies we’ve worked with in terms of communication, timeliness, and professionalism.
— Peter Choi, Marketing Designer at FlexFit