HJC Helmets | Pixar Cars 3

HJC is the #1 motorcycle helmet brand in North America. Their sole focus is to provide high quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced helmets to motorcyclists around the world.


The Challenge

The challenge? The challenge you ask?… Pixar.



Okay, so a bunch of us are sitting in a room trying to swallow the fact that we’re working on a video that is associated with Pixar. The ideas and fears are flying, but fear doesn’t get a vote in this company, so it’s mainly just a bunch of great childhood fantasies and adventures finally coming true. In the end, we decided on a race theme, cause hey, most often the simplest idea is the winner. So we studied the latest Cars 3 trailers backwards and forwards until we had all the beats down for a solid storyboard that we knew would not only put our audience in the drivers seat, but make Pixar proud. Man that was a fun sentence to write.



A key step in developing this concept was directing environments that made sense for the project. We took images from the movie’s trailers as inspiration and modified them for the smaller space that the helmets would occupy.


Environment Direction




The VeracityColab team has been a pleasure to work with. VeracityColab brought life to our products with impressive live-action and animation productions for our first two product videos. We look forward to working with them on our third project.
— George Hong, President, HJC America, Inc.