Intuit Turbo | Money 2020 Live Keynote


The Challenge

Our partners at Intuit came to us with the desire to create an interactive keynote to accompany their GM, Dan Wernikoff, and VP of Product Management, Varun Krishna, as presented their new app, Turbo at the Intuit Money 2020 Conference in Las Vegas. The catch? That presentation was a little over a month away and contained 10 full minutes of content. Challenge Accepted.

The Approach

The first thing we did was touch base with an in-person meeting at the Intuit offices with all of the key players present. They gave us all of the information we needed to get started, and the collaboration never stopped. Since the actual presentation had not been written yet, we had the opportunity to outline the flow of the keynote based on the story they wanted to tell. Our creative directors sat down, imagined themselves as the General Manager of Intuit, and started writing a presentation to inform the visuals we created.


Look Development

The approach we took to landing on a visual direction was informed by their Turbo app UI, as well as branded colors and visuals that would be enough to keep the audience engaged, while not distracting from the innovative and inspiring product that was being presented. We began with some iterations of the overall look, and made sure their beautifully branded UI was the hero of the story.


The Execution

The actual execution of this piece was a delicate balance, as many of the product’s details were still being locked in while we worked. To keep up, we worked on each scene as they were approved by the client rather than chronologically. We pulled some of our best collaborators onto the job, including international talent that kept the project running day and night. We leaned into our great relationship with the Intuit creative team for frequent, incremental reviews, rather than sending the entire 10 minute talk back and forth for every little change. This flexibility helped us provide a keynote that was detailed in its animation quality, but stayed up to date as details changed into the 11th hour.