Microsoft | Azure Batch Case Study

Microsoft Azure Batch is a tool for scheduling and automating ’s high performance computing processes on Microsoft Azure.

The Challenge

Microsoft came to us with a truly unique storytelling opportunity. In most case studies, the hero of the story is bringing their solution to an external client. Here, Microsoft was not only providing the solution in the form of high performance computing, but they were actually using it for their own stores, to display fresh content across their massive in-store displays. While the allure of these screens and the content designed for them could easily take the spotlight, we had a clear objective: to demonstrate the power of Azure Batch, the software used to manage and schedule the massive render needs for these screens. We distilled that objective into a Key Persuasion, which became the guiding statement for this video...

“When technology executives at media and retail companies watch this video, they should be excited by and informed about Azure Batch, so that they’re compelled to consider using it in their business.”

The Approach

In order to properly communicate all the benefits of Azure Batch in the way Microsoft needed, we quickly learned that the video would have to be driven by a voice over. However, it was important to keep the feel of the video as personal as possible. We landed on creating a script and picking a voice that felt like it could be a Microsoft project manager telling the story first-hand.

Visually, we utilized the incredible scale of the screens by shooting at Microsoft’s flagship retail store in New York. We paired that with footage of the design team at work in Microsoft’s Seattle headquarters, as well as additional views of the screens in Microsoft’s test store. The combination of those environments gave the video an expansive and universal feeling that didn’t feel pinned down to one store.

We also created a three-minute version of the video, which takes a deeper dive into how the technology works.

Behind the Scenes