OCTANe | Conference Video


The folks at OCTANe needed to kick off their annual Investor Forums for Technology and Medical Devices with videos that let their audience know they were a part of something big. It was up to us to create a set of stories that balance a decent amount of energy, but still convey a simple, high-level message.



After mulling things over, we built a story around the different members of OCTANe’s network all traveling to meet up at their hub, OCTANe itself. The video builds toward our “meeting of the minds” scene where OCTANe’s stats convey our main message: “OCTANe is the place to make things happen.”

The VeracityColab team took a visual cue from the opening credits of Spielberg’s 2002 classic, Catch Me If You Can. The sharp, simple style keeps things professional while making for an engaging journey. The overall motion of the piece progresses continuously to the right, emphasizing OCTANe’s commitment to moving forward and driving innovation.


The Results

VeracityColab knew exactly what role their video played in our project. Their desire to proficiently understand our goal and the preparation that went into making this video, is what truly set the bar for any other video company I will ever work with.
— Austin Wilemon, OCTANe