Simplehuman | Sensor Can Campaign


A New Kind of Trash

Ever heard Cinderella’s, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone?” Because that’s basically the challenge we faced with this project. When simplehuman came to us looking to make their voice-control and sensor can video, they described the benefit of their product as, “one of those things that you don’t fully realize how great it is, until you go back to using a regular trash can.” In other words, our challenge was to create a video that enabled people to completely visualize this can in their everyday life, so they could instantly recognize their need for this product. Challenge accepted.


The Approach

One week. That’s how long we sat with their sensor can. And man did we look at it and test it from every angle. The more we pored over it, the more we realized that it was actually the invisible qualities that made it so beautiful. Most products on the market these days are all about the bells and whistles, but simplehuman intentionally designed this can to be sleek, minimal, yet stunning and bold.

So, we decided to create a series of videos in two completely different contexts. The first approach was all about putting this product in an everyday lifestyle context. The second was to put their product in a completely agnostic space where we could solely focus in on each feature at a time.

We also made sure to shoot as much footage as the day allowed. That way, we could rework the story a million different ways to accommodate for a number of different mediums and CTA’s.


Drippy Situation

Task Disrupter

The VeracityColab team was a pleasure to work with.
They listened carefully to our goals and delivered a wide range of valuable assets.
They’re great collaborators and exceptional communicators.
— simplehuman team

Feature Videos


Behind the Scenes



When everything was said and done, we created over 20 video assets to be deployed on simplehuman’s sensor can product pages, their social properties, and more. Thus far, we are seeing really positive reception, and to be honest, it’s really hard to walk past a trash can without saying, “open can.”

The project management was flawless. Their client liaison transported me through the process like an A-lister in a Las Vegas resort. :)
— Paul Hamburger, simplehuman Creative Director