Tender Greens | New Hire Orientation

What Makes Up Our Kitchen

Tender Greens is a restaurant that believes good food, whole food, real food, should be available for everybody, every day.


The Challenge

It’s a big deal to get hired at a Tender Greens. That’s why they asked us to make a video that got new hires to think, “man, I’m glad I chose to work here.”

The Approach

Our approach to making this video all stemmed from learning about who Tender Greens is and what makes them so great. On the surface, they appear to be a very clean-cut crew that delivers Chef’s Table-like cuisine, but the more we got to know them, the more we realized they’re all just a bunch of goof balls. And that’s exactly what inspired us to create this fun yet informative new hire video.

The Result

After 13 years here and a tough act to follow in terms of our team member brand video, I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to aptly hit the emotion of what it feels like to work here. I think you guys nailed it. Authentic, simple, fun, sincere… goodness. Thank you.
— David Dressler Co-Founder + Chief People Officer
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