Thermo Fisher Scientific | AmpliFly Awareness

Thermo Fisher makes devices for polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, a process by which DNA is copied exponentially. It’s not glamorous, but PCR is an essential step to anything involving DNA. Want to map a genome, trace a DNA fingerprint, or find the next cancer treatment breakthrough? You’ve got to start with PCR.


The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a "Pre-Flight Safety Walk-through" style video to compliment their AmpliFly campaign. But instead of safety checklists, we were charged to capture a walk-through of their main product offerings in order to help drive sales, and make it clear that when you "fly" with Thermo Fisher, you'll get the First Class experience. 


The Approach

In order to really understand First Class, we all decided to get a First Class ticket to Paris. 

Just kidding. But we did watch a lot of videos about First Class offerings, so we could fully capture what the experience of flying First Class with Thermo Fisher would feel like. After landing on the concept (pun intended), we had too much fun writing the script and collaborating with the client. We worked together to make sure we covered all the important specifications of their product portfolio, as well as clearly communicate that when you use Thermo Fisher products, you truly get to experience the best results and support. 


Behind The Scenes



The Results

The client was thrilled and the video is being rolled out and viewed by their offices all around the world! And we can't be too sure, but we think Michelle (stewardess talent/our Creative Director) is famous in China now. 

We’ve held over 200 customer-facing events since engaging with VeracityColab, and each one has featured something they’ve produced for us. Our product line is still growing, but we can probably attribute $500,000 in revenue from those events.
— Carie Keller, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Michelle ColstonLive Action, VFX