Thermo Fisher Scientific | QuantStudio Pro

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s line of qPCR products has helped scientists and researchers for decades by providing tools for real-time amplification and analysis of DNA samples.

The Challenge

The QuantStudio 6 & 7 Pro systems are the latest instruments in Thermo Fisher’s qPCR family. These new models represent a complete rethinking of the user-facing features available in this type of product. They needed a set of videos to call attention to these monumental updates, but they also needed to do it in a way that built interest before the full launch.

The Approach

We knew that these videos would need vary widely in style and content, to properly capture the full story of the new product. We started by creating three teaser videos that progressively disclosed more and more about the product.

The Background

The first video (shown above) sets the stage for the new innovation by presenting the 25-year heritage of devices that this instrument follows. While we didn’t want to show the new device quite yet, we also didn’t want to leave it out completely. We came up with the creative solution of projecting previous devices on the sides of the new one. This kept the new device in the abstract, while still teasing at its existence.

The Attributes

Now that the background was set, we needed to start describing the instruments. As they weren’t launched yet, it was important we still didn’t fully reveal the product or specify its features. With that in mind, we created a video that built anticipation by describing the high-level attributes that were improved. We kept the product shrouded and mysterious by approaching the visuals with macro shots and edge lighting, achieved by sweeping color-controlled tube lights across the product. The result is a visual style similar to the opening credits from a TV drama… which we embraced by composing original music with a half-time 80s vibe, indulgent Phil Collins drums and all.

The Innovations

Finally, it was time to unveil the product and specify the amazing new features in detail. We used a more traditional lighting setup to bring the product into focus. But it wasn’t enough to just see the product itself… we depicted the many smart features with graphical call-outs and overlays, conveying the rich technology that powers a smart workflow. We also introduced the human element, as these features are ultimately in place to increase usability. We used close up footage of our talent, emphasizing how this product sees and hears the user through the facial identification or voice commands.

The Reveal Film

With the teaser videos complete, it was time to launch the product. We gathered voices from the leadership in the real-time PCR team at Thermo Fisher to present the innovation and heart behind these instruments. Central to how they approached these updates was the opportunity to bring features that are commonplace in the consumer electronics industry into the lab. Following suit, we approached this video like a reveal film from a consumer device company. Our goal was to create something that wouldn’t feel out of place in an Apple keynote event. What helped us achieve this was the fact we had already created the teasers above. The reveal film’s production was able to focus on gathering interviews and some targeted product use shots, while the aspirational, emotional story could be driven by footage we already gathered. This allowed us to be really smart with budget, and deliver something compelling and beautiful on a quick turnaround.

The Results

Thermo Fisher received over 100 qualified leads requesting a demo within the first week of posting the reveal film. For a very high-value instrument like this, that represents significant business, driven by a strong marketing launch and compelling video. The reveal film lives on the product page for the QuantStudio Pro, as well as being used directly by the sales team to introduce leads to the new product.

Over 100 qualified leads requested a demo within the first week

The Thermo Fisher team is incredibly pleased with the result of these videos. We’re continuing to work with them to create more videos explaining the QuantStudio Pro systems, as well as providing videos for other products and teams at Thermo Fisher.