AGC | Mountain Gate

American Golf Corporation owns and operates hundreds of premier private, resort, and daily fee golf courses throughout the United States.

The Challenge

When American Golf Corporation asked us to tell a story about Mountain Gate Country Club, one of their most beautiful properties, and to do it in 30 seconds for broadcast during the U.S. Open, and 90 seconds for the web, we saw it as an amazing opportunity (especially since some of us here at VeracityColab love golf).

The Approach

There’s something deeply satisfying about golf courses. From the moment you step on, you’re surrounded by a sense a peace, manicured nature, and breathtaking vistas in every direction. It’s a feeling that every lover of golf is familiar with. That’s why we knew these videos needed to capture that feeling. So, we distilled that sensation into a single word…Wonder.

But blending beautiful imagery with poetic phrasing was only stage one of our approach. We knew these videos needed to accomplish an actual business goal, se we pitched AGC on the idea of creating a vanity URL,, where viewers could be funneled in and told exactly what they needed to hear in order to schedule a call for a personal tour.

Watch the broadcast and web ad versions below.

Broadcast (30s)

Web Ad (15s)

The Result

The Main KPI that we measured for this video was the number of memberships sold by the club, in direct response to the TV Ad and the longer video walkthrough on the custom landing page. Within three months of deploying the ad, Mountain Gate Country Club saw a 500% increase in membership sales. Not only were the results measurable, they were profound.