Google | Keyless Keyboard

It’s not every day that you get a call out of the blue to do a Google video; but that’s exactly what happened.


The Challenge

The call went something like this: Google: “Could you come to Mountain View in 3 days, and while you’re here, work with us to rewrite, problem solve, craft and shoot an original April Fool’s video?” Our response, of course, was “YES!” because we love doing this and we love (at least some of us) working “under pressure” (but don’t get any ideas).


The Approach

We used motion like we would for any real product and worked hard to give everything that “Is this for real?” feel. Please enjoy this Google Internal April Fool’s Day video, and drop us a line if you’re thinking about trying out the Google Keyless Keyboard!


The Results

They were a very satisfied internal team of practical jokers.