pHuel | Product


The Challenge

This was our second project working through Common Thread Collective. [pH]UEL had just developed a truly incredible product for the athletic arena, and they needed a video to make it stand out. Now, in most cases, that’s a typical request, but we’re talking about the sports market here. One of the biggest, most inundated markets in the world. Every day there’s a new product, technology, lotion, or drink on the line, which meant this had to look and feel completely different.


The Approach

In order for this video to be a success, we knew we had to do two things: gain trust, and cast the future. To gain trust, we realized that if you can see the numbers behind the product, and respect the person using it, then your trust meter will go through the roof. So, we flew to Patrick Peterson’s Arizona home turf, shot him in 114 degree weather, and made sure we had all the facts right on what this product could do.

As for casting the future, you’ll notice moments when the camera work slows down and the science dial turns up. These “scientific goggle” moments not only give our audience a view into the un-viewable, but they show our audience that this stuff keeps working even when you’re not, so you’re free to perform at your peak potential – something that’s in absolute demand for this industry.


The Results

The client was thrilled with the video, and they’ll let us know how it performed once they have time to breathe from all the product sales.