TurboTax Live | Right On, Rita!

Intuit’s TurboTax Live is the new way to do taxes, because now you can do your taxes with a real CPA or EA on demand.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge this video needed to overcome was FUD (fear, uncertainty, & doubt). We were told that on average, most people trust TurboTax, but the instant something feels even remotely complex, FUD sets in, and they bounce. We needed to fix that.

The Approach

So we pitched a concept that encapsulated the three biggest concerns a simple assisted tax filer might run into…

  1. How can I be confident my taxes will be done right?

  2. How can I be confident I will get every single deduction?

  3. How can I be confident that I will get my biggest refund?

We then implemented those three concerns into a narrative of “moments” that showed how having a live CPA easily removes ALL of those concerns.

We also created a social looping cutdown seen below…

The Result

Just a few weeks into launch and this video has already racked up almost 2 million views and successfully helped decrease FUD among their primary target. Right on, Rita.

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