Life Happens | Danica Patrick - Journey

Life Happens is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Americans take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance.


The Challenge

For the past few years, Life Happens has partnered with Danica Patrick to talk about the importance of having life insurance. This year, the story of life insurance needed to be highlighted through Danica's journey out of racing and into her new endeavors. Our challenge was to authentically capture Danica telling her story about the importance of life insurance off the track, and communicate the journey she's on as she pursues her newest passions. 


The Approach

Our main concern with this video was authentically telling the story of Danica's journey, and moving our focus away from racing, while still clearly relaying her passion for life insurance. We started with an array of questions that would help guide our conversation with Danica, and then began to narrow in on key areas to focus on. We captured our studio time with her from arrival to departure in order to give the viewer a more disarming and personal look into the process, and bring them into the story that was being told.


The Results

“Our three-time Life Insurance Awareness Month spokesperson Danica Patrick’s public service announcement (PSA) about the importance of life insurance and financial planning was seen 1.6 Billion times! Incredibly, her video was in the top 7% of all PSAs run last year.” Faisa Stafford, President and CFO at Life Happens

Our partners look forward to these videos every year, and VeracityColab’s partnership helped provide exactly what we were looking for.
— Chris Hill | Vice President of Creative + Digital, Life Happens