Sipree | Before and After

Sipree is a platform that connects businesses to every payment network in existence: PayPal, Square Cash, Starbucks — you name it. Their aim is to up the ante on customer and business satisfaction by enabling businesses to make payments any way their customers like.


The Challenge

The Sipree team wanted to give their audience a “behind the curtain” look at how they connect a business’s systems to the wonderful world of alternative payment networks. The main challenge for us was depicting a complicated financial and technical process in an engaging way.


The Approach

The answer to that challenge came in the form of “Kate,” the customer whose payment story we follow throughout the video. Stories are engaging. It’s just a fact. Even a simple one like Kate’s goes a long way, providing us with a charming, little context in which to explain one big, complicated process. And come on, look at that face.