BlackLine | An Accountant's Survival Guide

The Challenge

After receiving a lot of traction on their marketing materials, BlackLine decided they wanted to build on their successes by having us create two videos that acted as a precursor to two very important white papers. We were all game for that, however, the real challenge came when they alerted us to the fact that both videos needed to work within a 4:3 ratio, and be fully comprehendible with no sound.


The Approach

BlackLine’s marketing materials created a great foundation for us to begin concepting on a lot of great ideas. Since both white papers were about the future of accounting, we thought it would be a great idea to stylize these accordingly. The first video was all about helping accountants navigate the upcoming battle against the future robots. So, we created an old-timey propaganda video that reminded and empowered accountants that even though the Robot Uprising is coming, they can still get the upper hand if they follow these techniques. For the second video, we decided to push further into the timeline and make it feel like a message from the future. We started pulling references like Terminator Salvation for the tone, Iron Man for the SFX, and Star Trek clips for the Captain’s Log examples.