Thermo Fisher Scientific | MiniAmps

Thermo Fisher makes devices for polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, a process by which DNA is copied exponentially. It’s not glamorous, but PCR is an essential step to anything involving DNA. Want to map a genome, trace a DNA fingerprint, or find the next cancer treatment breakthrough? You’ve got to start with PCR. Thermo Fisher’s new line of thermal cyclers add powerful features like touch screen control and remote monitoring to the mix.



Thermo Fisher came to us for a video heralding the smallest of their cyclers, the MiniAmp and MiniAmp Plus, which bring high-end functionality to a small, affordable platform. They wanted to position these as the thermal cyclers for everyone, while showing off the powerful features and design with a 3D rendered product video.



We drew inspiration from the classic product-unveiling videos for phones and laptops. This approach allowed us to make an ad that highlighted the design of the products in a way that makes them enticing even if you don’t know what they do. Since PCR is a somewhat mundane task within genetic research, the idea of an eye-catching ad for thermal cyclers was just the right amount of crazy.



This video has received hundreds of thousands of views on Thermo Fisher’s YouTube channel and has been used by their sales team around the world. In fact, it performed so well that Thermo Fisher had us create a six-second version so that they could also use it in YouTube preroll ads.


6 Second Cutdown