Wine Country Gift Baskets | Occasions

Have you ever received a gift “just because?” There’s something so special about the unexpected, the love with no strings attached, the appreciation on no occasion, that gives us the warm-and-fuzzies. And that’s exactly what we wanted to convey with this video.


The Approach

Working for ReleVenture on behalf of Wine Country Gift Baskets was definitely one for the books. They wanted to capture something beautiful yet direct. We had it in our minds that traditional storytelling would be the best way to accomplish that goal, however, it wasn’t until someone on our team mentioned a split-screen approach that we were fully able to begin crafting the right story. The split screen enabled us to tell two sides of the same story. You’ll notice that in each scene, the gift on the left side is designed to perfectly match the recipient of the gift on the right. We felt this would be the best way to communicate the craft and care that goes into every Wine Country gift basket.

We also felt it best not to show any faces until the end of this video. The power of what you don’t see, leading up to a final reveal, can be very rewarding. Plus, we knew that not having faces throughout the piece, though risky, allowed the voice-over and design to bring out the warmth and personality of each character.